Assisted Living Loans

MBA Capital Funding can secure loans for assisted living facilities for acquisitions, refinance, or construction/conversions.  Borrower experience with successful ALF operations or ownership is usually required.  A debt-service-coverage-ratio of at least 1.25 is another Lender requirement.

For start-up businesses, borrowers must show sufficient income to cover debt until the business stabilizes.  We will analyze all aspects of the borrower qualifications, property and business to see if the project meets all standard Lender criteria for assisted living loans.  There are various government-sponsored loans and conventional loans available for assisted living.  The business may be owner-occupied or income producing.  Loan-to-value may be as high as 85-90% under certain circumstances.

Let MBA Capital Funding assist you with your financing needs, determine the appropriate loan type for your particular assisted living project, and structure the debt to your advantage.

“Thank you Lynda, you have been very helpful. I will definitely recommend you to associates, and hopefully we can do business again. Again thank you for all your help.”

--Nilam Patel, independent motel, first-time buyer