Why Choose MBA Capital Funding as your Mortgage Consultant?

Each hospitality property loan is unique. MBA Capital Funding Inc. will add value to your transaction by ensuring the success of securing the financing with lowest interest rates and best terms. MBA Capital Funding Inc. understands the hotel industry and has a long experience with hotel financing through the company's affiliate, MBA Hotel Brokers.

Problems sometimes arise in hotel motel financing as a result of the appraisal, survey, environmental studies, or franchise agreements. Through our experience and network of professional hotel appraisers, environmental audit companies, and other professionals, we will work to prevent problems which can delay or destroy the opportunity for suitable financing.

The Franchise or independent status of the hotel or motel also effects the placement of the loan. Many lenders will only lend to certain franchises. MBA Capital Funding Inc. also has a network of lenders who will loan on independent hotels and motels. SBA loans provide the advantage of the highest loan to value ratios resulting in greater leverage; less cash down for the borrower. Conventional loans may offer some advantages in interest rate but typically only have 5 or 10 year terms whereas SBA loans usually have a 20 or 25 year term. Conduit or securitized loans, Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) loans, offer the advantage of fixed rates but have very strict prepayment penalties. MBA Capital Funding Inc. determines the best loan program available for each hotel or motel financing application by communicating clearly with the borrower, presenting the advantages and disadvantages of each loan type and lender, and helping the borrower determine which loan offer best achieves their financing goals.

“So glad the loan closed successfully, no doubt due to all the hard work you put into this file. You were a pleasure to work with and I do hope we have the opportunity to work together again soon.”

--Angela, Sr. Closing Officer for a national SBA 504 lender